Sunday, November 2, 2008

Etsian in need with funds

this is a bit i captured from a post she did in a thread.
 i would love to be added! I have a 5 yr old son with autism and spend a LOT of money on his therapies and such. So sales here would really help out!

Etsian in need

these cute little turle scrubbies are so well worth the money!

debs1967's husband has to be on expensive medication for his heart. She has started many threads asking for help. maybe she can get some help from this too!

This is one etsian in need

GEEZ LOUISE!! WE are definately on our last legs here. Hub has had no steady work in over two years, I have two PT jobs but we have 3 kids and its not enough. SO if you like take a look at Vintage Goodies at LostnFound Joys here on etsy
AND I have affordable art prints at ArtnJoy here on etsy

This is the etsians words i pulled from a thread this morning, lets help her out a bit please. 
she has tons of odds and ends, and trust me if i was not one of the ones in need i would be purchasing!

This is how you can help!

Right everyone, check the links below and then see what you can do. 

If you have blogs, copy and paste it! 

Tell all your friends and street team team mates! 

Let's get something moving!!!

Read what to do here:

Read any follow up here:

Oh, and there are FREE project wonderful ads available on the HOST blog (in the left hand column):

...and a couple FREE ones left in my PW adboxes on my chatter blog:

Good luck everyone! Let's see what we Etsians can acheive together. Don't forget to keep posting sellers that you know are in need - and pls let us know if you are getting sales!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great Pottery At Great Prices

Osceolapottyery is a lovely site to look at when browsing all her items in etsy at
Her work is truelly beautiful so check her shop out!

Lisianblue2 From Etsy

this seller has many wonderful items in her shop! 

click this link to navigate your way through her glorious shop!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008